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Would you like to receive more income from your blog, build a loyal audience, and participate in the charity?
Open up a new method of
communication with your audience
What is social capital,
and how to monetize it?

Social capital is the establishment and maintenance of social bonds with the purpose of mutual help and support. The more diversified the social connection is, the better they work in helping solving problems, which a person doesn’t usually encounter in life.

The building of social capital takes time. You have already accomplished it! You have a big audience of subscribers that appreciate your expertise. Now you can earn money with your expertise and make the world a better place by participating in charity.

How does it work?
It’s easy to start! You will need to complete the following steps:
  1. Register on a platform
  2. Let your subscribers know about it
  3. Respond to your subscriber’s questions in the convenient format
  4. Earn money
  5. Transfer percentage of your earnings to charity programs (if you wish)
  6. Make the world a better place
Why use AskTheStar?
  • Earn income
    Receive a new source of income by communicating with your audience
  • Participate in the charity and make the world a better place
    Participate in the charity, transferring the percentage from money earned to solving world’s important problems
  • Get to know your audience better
    Know what’s important to your fans and become closer to them
  • Expand your audience
    Invest in the stable development of your community
  • Keep in touch with the most loyal fans
    Communicate on a deeper level with the most valuable fans
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